Where is this going? Not really sure but let's see where it started. We at JMO have been beef jerky enthusiasts for decades. Not just the occasional "BJers" I mean the stop at every gas station and try the different kinds. Oh there's some new new at the state fair or gun show...we gotta try that. Put pounds and pounds of taste tastings and send them across the world to be enjoyed on the steps of some military bunk.  Or even harvesting our own animals and turning them into homemade jerky. It's all part of the beef jerky lifestyle and we love it. 

So once upon a time in 2016 we decided it was time to start working towards creating our own product and more importantly, meaningful message around that product. Since then we've been testing recipes, creating marketing ideas, and thinking passively through all the details while still being preoccupied with other life missions. But now the time for launch has finally arrived and hopefully you guys will like it. Both the product and the message. And if you don't then politely "fuck off" hahahah

So back to where it's going. Totally unsure other than a fun business to run and way to look at things differently. Even if we're split and the vast void between everyone may very well be widening, we should still be able to sit down for a laugh. And maybe even over some good dried meat and a local brew!